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In British University Centres Of Excellence, Elite Sport, And The Armed Forces

“Are You Making The Same 3 Devastating Mistakes

In Your Knee Rehabilitation Programmes As

97% Of Surgeons In The UK And

77% Of Surgeons In Australia?”



Sports Knee Specialist’s Injury Rehabilitation Series
New Concepts Seminar And Workshop

“Clinical Strength Testing In

Knee Rehabilitation

For The Athlete And Soldier”


A New 7-Step System For How You Can Quickly And Easily

Get The Edge In Sports And Military Knee Rehabilitation




How to quickly and easily identify which of your patients or clients have dangerously abnormal knee muscle strength so that you have a rock-solid foundation for building your best exercise rehabilitation programmes

How to be in pole position at the forefront of the latest cutting-edge systems for safely and accurately measuring your patients’ knee muscle performance in a way that is guaranteed to steer your clinical decision-making right on target more than 97% of the time

How to be one of the few Knee Rehabilitation Specialists who has mastered advanced Clinical Strength Testing techniques and systems so that you can teach the clinical implications of your findings to your Therapists, Managers, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Sports Doctors, and Orthopaedic Surgeons


“Once You’ve Discovered These New Clinical Tests

You’ll Always Have A Firm Grasp Of The

Best Way To Design All Of Your

Knee Rehabilitation Programmes”



One-Day Sports Knee Specialist’s Seminar And Workshop Description:

This Seminar and Workshop considers the basic science and practical application of knee Clinical Strength Testing and its critical role in cutting-edge Orthopaedic and Sports Rehabilitation. As you participate in this Seminar and Workshop you’ll experience the latest accelerated learning and interactive education techniques guaranteed to improve your own knowledge and skill in knee Clinical Strength Testing and Functional Rehabilitation

When you  attend this Seminar and Workshop  you’ll be one of the first clinicians and trainers outside of Specialist Clinical Advancement Programmes in British Universities, Professional Sport, and the British Military to discover the most up-to-date research and practical methods in knee Clinical Strength Testing and Functional Rehabilitation


“If You Want To Be An Expert In

Knee Functional Rehabilitation And Functional Testing,

Then You Need To Know These

Research-Proven Clinical Strength Testing

Techniques And Systems”



Past Seminar And Workshop Participants Have Included Clinicians And Trainers From:



Here’s What You’ll Discover:

Knee Specialist’s Clinical Strength Testing System – How To Build Your Foundation For Effective Knee Functional Rehabilitation: shines a spotlight on a new 3-part evidence-based knee strength testing system rigorously researched on hundreds of cruciate ligament and meniscus-injured athletes in a way that focuses on how you can quickly and easily identify which of your patients have dangerously abnormal knee muscle strength so that you get a rock-solid foundation for building your best exercise rehabilitation programmes – as you practice this fast and simple system you’ll be in pole position at the forefront of the latest cutting-edge system for measuring your patients’ knee muscle performance which is guaranteed to steer your clinical decision-making right on target more than 97% of the time – you’ll also be one of the few European Expert Clinicians who can take the stage for explaining the 3 critical differences in clinical strength testing for patellar-tendon vs. hamstring-tendon ACL-reconstructed knees

Advanced Techniques In Knee Clinical Strength Testing – The Step-By-Step Procedures You Need To Safely And Accurately Measure Your Knee Injured Patients’ Muscle Strength: takes you by the hand and walks you through 3 step-by-step procedures developed by the World’s best Sports Physiotherapy and Orthopaedic Surgery Research Teams for how you can measure muscle strength in all injured/post-surgery knees using knee extension, hamstring curl and leg-press resistance training machines and free-weights in a way that is safe, accurate and effective so that you then know exactly which tests are critical for your patients at any point-in-time – as you practice these 3 fast and simple clinical strength testing procedures that can easily be performed within one treatment session, you’ll notice how you’ve discovered the missing piece of the knee rehabilitation puzzle as you’ll now always be able to provide reliable, valid and objective data that hands-down justifies your clinical reasoning to anyone – you’ll also be one of the few European-based Knee Rehabilitation Specialists who has mastered these advanced techniques and teach the clinical implications of your findings to your Therapists, Managers, Rheumatologists, Sports Doctors and Orthopaedic Surgeons


“Find Out Why A 1RM Knee Extension Strength Test Is

Critical For The Successful Rehabilitation Of

All Your ACL-Reconstruction Patients”



Knee Rehabilitation Consultant’s Clinical Strength Testing Classification Scheme – How To Lead A Knee Injury Rehabilitation Service To Pole Position: draws a crystal-clear picture of a 9-part knee strength testing classification scheme refined with hundreds of high-level Athletes and frontline Soldiers in a way that unveils how you can confidently anticipate Physical Workers’ productivity, Athletes’ competitive ability and Soldiers’ operational effectiveness months ahead of their return-to-function in order to design a laser-targeted knee rehabilitation programme that has the potential to dramatically increase your knee rehabilitation success rates – as you walk through this 9-component process that’s statistically-proven by leading clinical research groups on 3 Continents, you’ll discover how to open a new door to fast-tracking your Expert clinical reasoning skills and putting your daily clinical practice on autopilot – you’ll also be able to stay ahead of the game by taking the podium to advise your patients, Administrators, and Fund-Holders on how to save time, effort and money by avoiding wasted treatment sessions for 95% of the time

Manual Muscle Testing – Why This Knee Examination Method Has You Dropping The Ball And Your Patients Veering Off-Course To Re-Injury: takes you by the hand and guides you through 3 reasons why knee manual muscle testing is riddled with scientific and practical pitfalls in a way that brightly spotlights why it should not be used for most of your clinical decision-making so that you side-step the mistake of clearing your patients for return-to-function too soon and putting them on a collision course for potentially devastating re-injury – as you see and hear this critical information, you’ll hold an up-to-date road map for rapidly navigating the entire knee rehabilitation process and get a firm bearing on exactly how you can most effectively and efficiently get to the finish line for safely progressing and discharging all your knee-injured patients – you’ll also become an authority on knee rehabilitation strength and conditioning and be able to confidently discuss knee diagnosis and treatment decisions with all other Therapists, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Strength and Conditioning Coaches and Team Managers


“Discover The Myths About Knee

Manual Muscle Testing And

Why Betting OnThis Assessment Technique

Has You Balancing On A Tightrope Of

Increased Clinical Risk”



Functional Testing For The Knee Clinical Specialist – The Critical Role Of Resistance Training Machines: describes the 7 critical advantages of resistance training machines vs. free-weights (e.g. dumb-bells, bar-bells, etc.) for clinical strength testing in a way that clearly tunes into how, why and when each method should be appropriately used for different types of knee ligament injury/surgery so that you get a firm grasp of how to build a solid foundation for a thorough and effective knee functional testing system as a platform from which you can structure your optimal knee rehabilitation training programmes – when you hear how these two methods of clinical strength testing fit together, you’ll discover how you can get a handle on new methods for assessing your knee injured patients’ abilities to keep you ahead of the game in knee exercise progression – you’ll also become an Expert in knee functional testing and avoid the confusion that exists when patients, colleagues, Rheumatologists and Orthopaedic Surgeons consult you about knee functional rehabilitation

Effortless Data Analysis – How You Can Quickly And Easily Decide What Your Knee Clinical Strength Tests Really Mean: describes 7 essential fast and simple calculations that have been tried-and-tested for the last 10 years by 7 of the World’s leading Sports Medicine Knee Research Groups in a way that explains how you can tune in to the true meaning of your clinical strength test raw data so that you get a firm grasp of your patients’ stage of healing and functional ability at any point-in-time – when you complete these quick and easy calculations you’ll be firmly in the driving seat for navigating more than 95% of your patients away from an uphill struggle with your knee rehabilitation programmes – you’ll also be able take the lead as an Expert Witness whenever you need to justify your patients’ ongoing evidence-based treatment to Physical Workers’ Insurance Companies or advise Athletes’ Strength and Conditioning Coaches and Soldiers’ Physical Training Instructors on how and why to modify any knee rehabilitation programme


“Uncover 3 Reliable And Valid Core Stability Tests

From The World’s Leading Bioengineering And

Sports Medicine Laboratories And

How They Explain The Truth About

Core Motor Control And Its Effects On

Knee And Kinetic Chain Function”



Core Stability, Pilates, And The Knee – The Truth About Core Muscle Testing And The Kinetic Chain: pulls back the curtain to highlight 3 highly reliable and valid core stability tests developed in the World’s leading Bioengineering and Sports Medicine laboratories using more than 500 athletes from more than 11 different sports in a way that tunes you into clear explanations about how optimal knee and kinetic chain function is statistically-proven to be dependent on 5 lumbo-pelvic-hip complex muscle groups so that you get a firm grasp of how to jump-start your knee injury prevention and rehabilitation services and get your best clinical results tomorrow – as you practice these 3 tests that can be done anywhere in just a few minutes with no equipment, you’ll discover the little-known rock-solid biomechanics research that explains the truth about how core motor control really affects knee and kinetic chain function and why Australian-originating research on transversus abdominis is fundamentally flawed and inadequate – you’ll also be able to instruct your colleagues on why, when and how these 3 rigorously research-proven core stability tests should be included in all of your comprehensive knee rehabilitation pathways

Core Stability Testing Data Analysis – How To Really Understand How Your Patients’ 5 Core Muscle Groups Fit Together: clearly explains 5 quick and easy core muscle test calculations developed, refined and proven by the World’s two leading Spinal Biomechanics Research Groups using more than 250 high-level games players in a way that describes the step-by-step process you can walk through to get a handle on exactly how the 5 most important core muscle groups are interacting together to generate each of your individual patients’ unique patterns of core stability so that you can design a truly customized and highly-specific core training programme that will enhance both lumbar spine and lower kinetic chain function – as you practice these 5 fast and simple calculations, you’ll open new chapters for truly understanding how your patient’s different core muscle groups are working together to stabilize the core and knee – you’ll also be one of the few clinicians who holds the missing pieces of the puzzle for most thoroughly testing, analyzing, understanding and treating core muscle function in a way that uses real numbers to justify and support all your diagnostic and treatment decisions


“Find Out Why Using The Hamstring:Quadriceps Ratio

For Your Knee Rehabilitation Decision-Making

Can Steer You Into A Dead-End And

Put You On A Slippery Slope To

Causing Your Patients’ Re-Injury”



Sports And Military Clinicians’ Knee Muscle Performance Profile: uncovers the new research-proven knee muscle testing framework carefully designed using 11 quick, easy, reliable and valid measurement procedures which hand you the rock-solid objective data you need to finally get a crystal-clear picture of how your athletes’ are really using their knee muscles during sports performance so that you side-step the high risk of clearing your athletes for return-to-competition too soon and causing their re-injury – this testing framework is statistically proven to be 95% sensitive at shining the spotlight on which of your athletes have dangerously abnormal knee muscle function – and once you’ve discovered this cutting-edge knee muscle performance profile you’ll be able to stay ahead of the game in knee injury prevention and rehabilitation and easily prove to any Team Coach or Manager when it’s safe for your athletes to be picked again for the starting line-up

Long-Term Musculoskeletal Healthcare Commissioning – How You Can Easily Justify Your Whole Rehabilitation Service, Your Number Of Treatment Sessions, And Your Treatment Methods: tunes you into the 7 reasons why routine, proven, evidence-based clinical strength testing is a critical component of your knee rehabilitation programmes in a way that clearly describes how to explain the clinical and financial benefits of your knee rehabilitation pathway to Musculoskeletal Healthcare Commissioners so that you quickly and easily justify your hospital- and clinic-based exercise therapy sessions – when you hear these 7 detailed explanations, you’ll come sprinting out of the blocks and be at the front of the pack for presenting clear, convincing presentations for why your Musculoskeletal Healthcare Commissioners and Health Insurance Providers should invest in your services for 9-12 months per knee-injured patient – you’ll also be able to answer your colleagues’ questions about how to cement a solid foundation for your continued long-term service delivery in knee Occupational Health, Sports Performance and Military Operations


“Find Out About The Only Two Methods To Accurately Measure Vastus Medialis Oblique Muscle Strength And What This Means For The Success Of All Your Knee Rehabilitation Programmes”



Here’re The FREE Bonuses You’ll Also Get:

“Sports Specialist’s Seminar & Workshop Manual”, 3rd Edition (Value £27.99): an easy-to-read Sports Specialist’s Manual with all detailed slides, text, tables, templates, and digital pictures – which you can use for quick-reference of all material covered in the Seminar and Workshop and to take additional notes to review clinical tools and techniques whenever you want in your own time at a later date


“Knee Specialist’s Clinical Systems Manual II: Clinical Strength Test And Core Stability Test Reference Values For The Athlete And Soldier”, 2nd Edition (Value £23.97): an essential quick-reference Clinical Systems Manual illustrating 15 evidence-based Clinical Strength Tests for 12 sports, 3 Armed Forces, and 500 Athletes and Military Personnel – in a way that gives you highly reliable and valid data for normal muscle strength reference values so that you can quickly and easily decide on the true status of all your knee-injured patients at any point-in-time – this’ll save you dozens of hours of searching the library or internet for all the information you need to justify your treatment sessions to anyone


“Master Clinician’s Audio Masterclass Volume II: Clinical Strength Testing For The Knee 2.0” (Value £11.97): crystal-clear MP3 audio files from the Knee Specialist’s Podcast Series that can be quickly and easily installed on your Portable Media Player (e.g. iPod, Smartphone, etc.) for you to listen anywhere and at any time – discusses more little-known clinical and practical concepts that explain exactly how you can make your day-to-day practice with each patient quicker, easier and more effective


“Master Clinician’s Technical Research And Clinical Practice Library, Volume I: Knee Ligament Injury” (Value £9.97): an essential collection carefully put together especially for the Knee Rehabilitation Expert – original research and applied clinical practice journal articles which give you your own PDF document library of cutting-edge concepts and techniques in Clinical Strength Testing and Functional Performance Testing and that you can use in your own time to further increase how much you know and learn – with this valuable compendium you’ll be able to answer many of your colleagues’ daily clinical questions about Knee Functional Rehabilitation and discuss safe and effective clinical practice with Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons and Rheumatologists in a truly informed and confident way


“Knee Clinical Specialist’s Practice Blueprints, Volume I: Clinical Strength Testing” 3rd Edition (Value £23.97): an indispensable collection of sharp, graphical blueprints that take you step-by-step through the Knee Clinical Strength Testing procedures used in this cutting-edge Functional Testing System in a way that saves you the effort of having to memorize what to do for each component of every test and gives you more time to do practical work with your patients – these single-sheet blueprints can be easily carried with you on any clipboard for you to quickly and easily check in a matter of seconds for what to do next




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